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Do you have high expectations for your dog?
Do you want quick and durable results?
Are you tired of training methods that don't work?
Is your dog's behavior out of control?

If the answer is YES to one or any of these questions, then these products are for you:

JUST RELEASED "Obedience for Life" dog training program is now available on two amazing interactive DVDs. Quickly and easily your dog will learn how to obey you with the affective methods that deliver astonishing results. These powerful techniques will work for every dog and will work with your dog. GUARANTEED!

Also available - our list of Specialized DVDs for specific problems, including Go Pee Go Poop, The Secret to the Place Command, Instant Fix For Your Problem Dog, and many more!


Are you sick and tired of your problem dog or you do you want to fix the problem in seconds?

You will also learn amazing games that will make your dog physically tired without you even breaking a sweat? Remember, a tired dog is a good dog! We have the answer for this and much more in our Online TV lessons. You will not believe your eyes!

Vladae's ultimate guide to fixing behavior problems in dogs. A magic wand does exist. As Vladae states, it's just a matter of methods. You tried everything and nothing works. You think your dog is untrainable, well you are at the right site. We train the untrainable.

If you don't have time to watch a DVD, maybe you like to have written material or maybe you like to have step by step manuals in addition to dog training DVD's or behavior modification CD's this is a great choice to make. We tell people all over the world: A magic wand in the dog training does exist it is just a matter of using the proper methods and your desire to change things. Just stick with me through the behavior modification process and together we will cure your dog quick and easy.

These entertaining CDs are also the most academically researched and practical proven methods from EUROPE, ASIA and the U.S. of behavior modifications in dogs. They are incredibly easy to understand and implement. These CDs are for you:
  • If you are like a million people who don't have time to watch or read
  • If you want to learn these amazing secrets as you drive home and fix your dog when you arrive home
  • If you would like to get the most researched and most complete and innovative modification
So if you have the dog that is destroying your house, your marriage or you just have a sweet dog that needs some help. Just insert these CDs. Listen to what it says and do what it says and enjoy your new dog.

You will find here the best pet related books on different subjects. These books were hand picked by Vladae for quality. Read the books that deliver solutions, not the promises.


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