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What to expect out of your dog when you are expecting

What can you expect? You can expect:
  • Disobedience
  • Hyperactivity
  • Unruliness
  • Doggy A.D.D.
  • Jealousy
  • Aggression
Are you surprised or did you actually expect your dog to physically help you, show gratitude, and over all give morally support. Well, the things like that only happen in Hollywood or in story books. I wish it were true but it is not.

Now seriously, in our day to day practice we see the distinctive changes in a dogs behavior when a women is pregnant. Why? Because, her body chemistry changes; the dog can sense and smell these changes. Because her emotional state, some times changes; the dog gets more nervous. Because the house begins to change, in preparation for the baby, the dog gets confused. Because already you are busier, the dogs long walks are suddenly shorter and now the dog is more hyper as his physical energy isn't absorbed. With all these changes, did you expect your dog not to change? Sorry, but these are only just a few changes, wait till you bring the baby home.

What can you do? It's Simple. We will reveal to you the secrets of what is happening and what you have to do before it is too late.
  1. Get your dog trained and under control before the baby arrives. You won't have the time or energy once the baby has arrived. Can you imagine you finally got the crying baby to sleep and your dog starts barking like an Ak-47 and wakes up the baby, only to have the baby start crying again.
  2. Find a good in-home training professional as a group class really won't work for you. You are having problems in the home not in a classroom.
  3. Look for the school who doesn't just offer fancy warranties, but a school that always delivers maximum results. Remember a one day visit with the promise of coming back in 6 weeks isn't going to get your dog trained. You need to have an instructor work with you several days on a consistent base, to get maximum results. You need a personal coach to learn the art of training your dog. Don't take my word for it. Just look at the graduates.
  4. Also a one time visit isn't going to solve your behavior problems as quick fixes normally fix nothing. You and you dog need to get the full understanding of what is expected in your relationship in order to get the long lasting results.
On the market there are very few good dog training schools. Check with your veterinarian, local pet store, or just look at your neighbors and friends with well behaved dogs. Look how their dog walks or behaves under all different types of circumstances. Make your own choice based on what you see. Do to our great success we would happily recommend to you good dog training schools.

Learn the secret commands and exercises that will enhance dog/baby relationship. Like taking the baby in the stroller and the dog for a walk at the same time, putting the dog in place or down stay while you change diapers, feed the baby or try to get the baby to sleep.

You are about to be a real Mom to a real baby. Your dog is not your baby it is not even your relative. Were as you new baby will need your mothering skills, your dog will only take your kindness as weakness. Your dogs' mother knew how to reinforce her commands, she can bite or she can lick. Learn the rules of a canine mom's leadership. A mother dog only gives the command once and than reinforces. So make sure that you never say a command you can't reinforce and always be prepared to deliver the consequences.

If you are thinking all this is fine, but I am ready to deliver the new baby anytime. Now what? What steps should I follow when I bring the baby home from the hospital? How will I introduce the dog to the new baby? Will there be a conflict or acceptance? Let us share with you some additional secrets to make the first meeting be a complete success. Before you actually bring the baby home from the hospital, follow these simple steps:
  1. Before you bring the baby home, bring home a soiled diaper. Let the dog smell the diaper.
  2. Record your baby crying and play this recording for the dog to hear.
  3. Buy several special new toys for your dog and put the babies scent on them. Take the dogs' favorite toy and also put the babies scent on it.
Now for the actual first meeting. It can be no big deal if you follow these steps that we would like to share with you.
  1. Give your dog a very long exercising session, before you bring the baby in the home.
  2. Before you actually walk in the house, have one of you go in the house greet the dog in a nonchalant way. Once the dog settles from your arrival home you can bring in the baby.
  3. One person brings in the baby and the other has the dog on a leash. Correct the dog if it tries to jump. If the dog wants to sniff the baby, let the dog sniff. While it is sniffing tell it that it is a good dog. If the dog could care less that is okay to.
  4. Try to stay calm and relaxed through out this meeting. Your dog can sense when you are nervous and will also get nervous.
The relationship between a child and dog can be a wonderful thing or it can be disastrous it is up to you to decide. Behaviors that are cute and acceptable are not when you have the added responsibility of your new baby. Get control of Fido before of your relationship with your dog turns from love to hate.

On a serious note children are mauled and severely injured as a result of the family dog. If your dog is very sensitive to noise, movements and touch than you need to hire a professional trainer/behaviorist immediately, as you have a tragedy just waiting to happen.

This article reflects the research from the best information found in Internet articles and from books, but does not reflect Vladaeís proprietary methods. Please visit our dog training resource center to discover the Dog Wizardís methods.

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