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I got a new a new puppy. Now What?

So, you have a new little bundle of joy in your house. Perhaps this new arrival suddenly appeared under the Christmas tree or perhaps a day later, you were very excited. The holidays are over, now what. All the excitement might be turning into frustration and added responsibility. This new cute as button fluff ball, that originally you only wanted to hug and kiss 24-7 is biting you, peeing on your floor, chewing everything they can get their mouths on, and keeping you up all night. You are starting to question your decision to get a puppy and if nature hadnít made your puppy so cute you might even be thinking malicious thoughts. This new arrival will change your life, but there are ways to survive puppy hood and beyond.

The key to having a good dog is first starting with good genetics, proper education and good nutrition. You already have the puppy which you love so we canít change genetics, however; we can give them good nutrition and provide proper education. Check with your veterinarian which food and supplements they recommend for the long lasting heath of your dog. For proper education please find the best trainer you can get. The first thing that the best trainer suggests is to socialize, socialize and socialize around people, children, other nice dogs and noises. If there are no men in your life, bring the puppy over a brothers or male friendís house. If you do not than this puppy may fear men as men have deeper voices and are usually bigger in stature. Shy nervous puppies more so than your bold puppy. Get them used to having every part of their body touched and handled such as ears, mouth, feet and nails. If you donít get your puppy used to being handled, the first time you trim toenails can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Yet you will be trimming toenails for the rest of their lives. Take them on car rides perhaps in a little carrier. Take then to a friends houses, take them when you pick up your children from school, take them to the store and stay outside to let people pet them. Etc. Because they donít have all their immunizations I would set them on a rug at the store and then let people pet them. .

Yes, you have the responsibility to make this little puppy grow up to be a well rounded little doggie, and Yes it does take work. Remember this task was self invited when you decided to get the puppy. Besides taking the time to socialize your puppy, you also need to train your puppy..

Shopping for a good trainer is not like shopping for new furniture it is more like looking for a surgeon. Will you reject a good surgeon just because he is more expensive? Donít let the price be a deciding factor in your decision or else in the long run you could pay twice as much for things that donít work. Good trainers are like good surgeons they cost more, but they deliver great results. Remember you will be living with this dog for the next 13 to 14 years and it is proven that if your puppy starts on the right foot, than they will stay on the right foot.

Of course you might ask, ďHow do I find a good trainerĒ The most important question you must first ask yourself before looking for a trainer is, what are my goals for my dog. If you want a trainer to turn your pet into an enjoyable member of the family

This article reflects the research from the best information found in Internet articles and from books, but does not reflect Vladaeís proprietary methods. Please visit our dog training resource center to discover the Dog Wizardís methods.

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