Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will these DVDs help me train my dog, and if not do I get my money back?

2. I don't have a lot of time to train my dog will your methods train my dog quickly?

3. Is your dog training system like all the rest, ineffective and time-consuming?

4. How do I know these DVDs will train even my crazy dog?

5. Are these DVDs easy to understand and will it stop my dog from jumping on people?

6. Will these DVDs help stop my dog from running away?

7. How do I know what type of collar I should get for my dog?

8. How do I know if the Check Collar is fitting correctly?

9. How do I know if the Good Dog Collar is fitting correctly?

10. I purchased a Good Dog Collar how does it work? I can't open it to place on my dog.

11. How do I know if the Prong Collar is fitting correctly?

12. I am not sure how to put the prong collar on my dog.

13. I always thought those spiky collars hurt dogs?

14. What's so magical about the Mystical Acoustic bags and how do they work?

15. To stop my dog from digging (or any behavior problem) which should I order online TV, manual or CD?

16. My dog just snapped at my child will the DVDs help?

17. I just want my dog to walk on a leash and not pull me down the street. Do I need both DVDs?

18. My dog is a little Maltese (or any breed) are the DVDs set up to train my little dog and how many Maltese's have you trained?

19. I thought dogs weren't allowed off leash.

20. When will online TV be ready (or any product)?

21. How to I get "Vladae, the Dog Wizard" to help me with my dog?

22. Is there anyone there that I can talk to help me with my dog?

23. I live in Michigan and would like to have Bonny or Vladae come to my house. Can you give me more information about the programs?

24. How do I get more information about owning a franchise?

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