Welcome to Alternative Canine Training a Michigan Dog Training company that provides top notched dog training solutions for dogs all all sizes. Vladae Roytapel is Metro Detroit's leading dog training expert. As compared to other dog training companies Alternative Canine Training expert knowledge on all types of dog problems and solutions. Alternative Training built a cutting edge website to provide free dog training tip by the world famous Russian Dog Wizard Vladae Roytapel. World class dog training in Metro Detroit now offers no nonense dog behavior problem solutions all on the world's first and only patent pending dog training system on DVD. Michigan leading dog trainer Vladae Roytapel the Russian Dog Wizard welcomes you to tour our ultimate dog training website.
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These DVDs provide the foundation for Vladae's entire system. You will learn the core lessons for training a well-behaved dog. Once you understand these principles, your dog's specific problems are easily addressed.

This system uses the best ideas from American, Russian and other international progams to create the single most revloutionary system the world has ever seen!

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Instant solutions via web-streaming videos. Download the videos immediately and fix your dog's problems now!

You will be amazed at the results!

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Vladae's ultimate guide to fixing behavior problems in dogs. A magic wand does exist. As Vladae states, it's just a matter of methods. You tried everything and nothing works. You think your dog is untrainable, well you are at the right site. We train the untrainable.

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These entertaining CDs are also the most academically researched and practical proven methods from EUROPE, ASIA and the U.S. of behavior modifications in dogs. They are incredibly easy to understand and implement.

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You will find here the best pet related books on different subjects. These books were hand picked by Vladae for quality. Read the books that deliver solutions, not the promises.
What you need to know

My best secret of behavior modification in dogs is based on simultaneously implementing 2 methods:
  1. Attack the Symptom.
  2. Eliminate the Cause. Remember: Jumping, Growling, Barking, Pulling, Chewing, Biting, and House Soiling is not the problem but a symptom of the problem.
Any behavior problem in dogs reflects a hierarchical problem in your household. Your dogs knows you and your family are not the boss of him so he is not supposed to listen to you and moreover according to canine law he is entitled to make the rules. That is why for the best result I strongly suggest to purchase my training DVD “Obedience For Life” with ANY behavior modification product (Training Manuals, Online Training Videos, or Instant Solution DVDs). That will be the most comprehensive and effective answer of eliminating the cause of your dogs problems while eliminating the symptoms. This one-two approach will work no matter what, you have my full guarantee!


“Russian Dog Wizard”


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