Vladae, the Russian Dog Wizard, is a "Professional Dog Trainer" in Royal Oaks Michigan and Offers Expert Dog Training and Free Dog Training Tips in Metro Detroit and throughout Michigan for the benefit of unruly dogs, removing dog aggression and canine training challenges from potty training your dog to trying to stop your dog from chewing on furniture and removing dog aggression or removing aggression in dogs

Welcome to Alternative Canine Training - a Michigan Dog Training company that provides top notched dog training solutions for dogs of all sizes and levels of canine behavior problems - including removing aggression in dogs. From trying to stop a dog from chewing on the furniture to potty training your dog or removing dog aggression, Vladae Roytapel is Metro Detroit's best dog training expert dog trainer. As compared to other dog training companies, this Alternative Canine Training expert is a professional of all types of dog behavior problems and solutions. Alternative Canine Training built a cutting edge website to provide free dog training tips and dog training dvd by the world famous Russian Dog Wizard, Vladae Roytapel. Michigan dog training in Metro Detroit and the Best Dog Trainer in Michigan now offers no nonense dog behavior problem solutions through the world's first and only patent pending dog training DVD system on DVD. Michigan's best dog trainer Vladae Roytapel, the Russian Dog Wizard, welcomes you to tour our best dog training website and tips for removing dog aggression.

Vladae the Russian Dog Wizard and Expert Michigan Dog Trainer Offers Free Dog Training Tips for removing dog aggression and Professional Dog Training DVD Secrets on this website.

If you're looking for advice and free dog training tips, then you have definitely come to the right place! The Russian Dog Wizard has offered a plethora of Dog Training Tips and articles on dog training PLUS his Expert Dog Training DVD. Based in Michigan, Expert Dog Trainer Vladae gives you free dog training tips on how to stop the dog from chewing on furniture and potty training your dog. 911DogWizard.com is a Strategic Web Estate Development Project by Zealous Marketing - Promoters of the DubLi Reverse Auction.
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June 1, 2008
"Dog Wizardry Makes a Miracle"

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October 12, 2007
"Magic unfolds with Vladae The Dog Wizard."

October 22, 2006
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Detroit Free Press
October 22, 2006
"He turns delinquents into well-behaved pets"

Observer & Eccentric
October 8, 2006
"Dog trainer leads David Letterman around on show"

Hour Detroit Magazine
October 2, 2006
"The Amazing Russian Dog Wizard"

Oakland Press
April 16, 2006
“Change the owners and dogs will obey”

Suburban Lifestyles
January 3, 2006
"The secret to dog training? An innovative approach"

Troy-summerset Gazette
October 17, 2005
“Who’s Top Dog? Says It Should be the Human”

Observer & Eccentric
October 16,2005
Dog trainer honored

Oakland Press
May 29, 2005
“Dog Whisperer”

Jewish News
September 26, 2003
“Dog Whisperer”

Ferndale & Pleasant Ridge Mirror
September 11, 2003
“Man’s best Friend may be Dog Trainer”

Advertiser Times
August 27, 2003
“Good canine Discipline requires Speaking the Language of the Dogs”

Detroit News
August 13, 2003
“Owners seek Help for Troubled Pets”

Birmingham – Bloomfield Eagle
Madison Park News
Warren Weekly
Shelby Utica News & Advertiser Times
The Macomb Township Chronicle
June 25, 2003
“Pet Peeves”

Oakland Press
October 14, 2001
“How do you say Heel in Russian?”

Chapter 1: Vladae's Bio

People speak English, Spanish or any other human language. Vladae speaks five languages and one of them is "doglish." People all over Michigan and beyond call him "The Russian Dog Wizard," a miracle worker or just "Vladae911" because he is able to help with their dogs, when others fail. Vladae is the grandson of the former USSR chief biologist who was conducting Pavlov-type research on farm animals. As a child, Vladae spent a lot of time playing, observing and working with his grandfather's animals. His first real teacher, who was absolutely mute, revealed his secret of dog talk to Vladae.

Vladae won his first local obedience championship in the city of Baku at age 12 with his first Siberian Husky, Berta. She was his first student and canine teacher in his native state of Azerbaijan. At 17, Vladae achieved first-degree national champion in Soviet Union OKD and ZKS, similar to European Shutzhund competition, with an Eastern European Shepherd, Mikie. It is like the American Superbowl of dog training. Later, he was honored to have as a teacher Nicholi Andrushkin, Soviet Union legendary chief master dog trainer/instructor for Customs dogs on the Russian/China state border.

In Moldova, a state in Former Soviet Union, Vladae went to school and became a Russian Certified Dog Trainer/Instructor/Behavior Therapist. Vladae graduated from a prestigious and private dog training school called, "Avante". "Avante" is in the state of Moldova in the former Soviet Union, and is run under the guidance of the National Cinological Association/Club of Moldova. Vladae studied research of academic Pavlov and other famous Russians. Some of this was unknown to the west. He also studied foreign scientists along with animal behavior researchers such as Peter Kropotkin, Konrad Lorenz, and others. He was also intensively coached how to train dogs for 12 different types of special training. During his 13 year professional career in the Soviet Union, Vladae trained hundreds of dogs for unique services for the Russian government, the Russian Airborne Troops (Doggy-Paratroopers), and the Red Army; such as searching for leaking gas in broken pipes, delivering mail between the military ships, Customs dogs on the Russia-China border, bomb-sniffing dogs, border patrol, guard dogs, personal protection, search and rescue, sled dogs, and leader dogs.

Vladae and his family immigrated to United States in 1995, and he became manager of the canine department for the prominent non-profit organization, Focus:Hope, located in the heart of Detroit. At Focus: Hope he bred, raised and trained and literally lived with the pack of 15 Bouvier and German Shepherds for 3-1/2 years. The pack was so miraculously trained that rumor about him spread throughout Michigan. Many trainers stopped by to observe and offer him partnerships to open dog training companies.

One day, a German/American heritage dog trainer, Bonny Wainz stopped by and confessed to him, that through her vast knowledge from all over United States and Canada, that she never seen techniques such as his. Vladae was impressed by her knowledge, intelligence, no-nonsense type of attitude and her ability to get results. Together, they joined their talents and expertise and created a most innovative European and American Dog Training Company, which they call Alternative Canine Training. Why alternative? Because it's like nothing you've ever seen.

Now people travel to Detroit from all over North America to learn his unique, extremely successful methods. Even among other dog trainers, Vladae is considered the "last resort" for curing problem dogs. People come to Vladae when they think all hope is lost.


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